Irene 2nd June 06


Hallo and welcome to my website.  I am a writer and a specialist in the field of Indian Temple Art. I give talks and run courses on the latter. As far as the writing goes, I have written three novels, a couple of e-travelogues and a crazy little book on eBay selling. I've also dabbled in poetry, articles and short stories, which have been surprisingly successful.

Three years ago I sidelined the fiction in order to complete a biography of my parents "If only I could have News from You" (published in September 2016), the story of their lives under Nazis and their amazing exodus from Germany. You will find details on the Non-Fiction and Extracts pages. The book has aroused considerable interested and was accepted for the 2016 Guildford Book Festival in October. The talk I gave at the Guildford Castle Keep was attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Guildford and was followed by a book-signing hosted by Waterstones. 

My first full length novel "The Moon's Complexion", was published by Goldenford in 2005. My second novel 'Darshan' was published by Goldenford in July 2008.

September 2011 saw the publication of " Noontide Owls", a short fantasy novel for young adults aged 9 -109.

From 2011 onwards all my novels and some of my short stories have also become available in eBook format.

I've had a somewhat bizarre and eclectic career. I graduated from Manchester University with a psychology degree. I worked as a research psychologist not only in England at the Ministry of Defence, but also in Australia at Melbourne University and in New York, where I was part of a research team at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, working on the Apollo Space Project (mainly doing unbelievably ghastly things to unsuspecting volunteers!).

After my return to England I began to teach, ultimately becoming Head of Modern Languages at a large comprehensive school in Surrey.

In 1999 a spinal injury forced me to give up this post (oh, what a pity!), giving me back my life and enabling me to concentrate on my writing.

In 2006, after having spent  long periods living in India in the early noughties,  I graduated from De Montfort University with an MA research-based degree in South Asian Arts. My 'specialist subject' is a group of gorgeous 12th and 13th century temples in Southern Karnataka.

In my works I am interested in examining the subject of cultural identity, probably because I'm a crazy mixture myself, as you will discover if you read the above-mentioned biography. I come from a culturally diverse background, with family spread across the world - Britain, Thailand, Laos, the USA, Germany, France, Israel, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Australia.  I aim to make  my writing accessible, exciting and with more than a touch of suspence and, of course, romance.