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(September 21, 2011)

Local author and Asian art historian, Irene Black, will be promoting her third novel at an event to be held at Waterstones Bookshop in Guildford in November.


‘Noontide Owls’ was published on 19th September by Goldenford Publishers Ltd of Guildford. The novel is a Young Adult Fantasy, unlike the author’s previous novels which have had an Indian theme.


She explained that the idea for the book developed from global events of the 1990s.  ‘As we witnessed the fall of one tyrannical regime after another, I became increasingly conscious that mankind lacks the desire to live in peace. Freedom and peaceful coexistence are two ideals that are often in conflict with one another, leading to the ultimate breakdown of a society, unless there is a will to prevent this.’


‘Noontide Owls’ explores this theme in a fantasy world, where fourteen-year-old Maara ‘the girl with three blessings’ sets out to save her homeland, Ambamar, which is beset by strife and conflict after gaining its freedom.


The author describes the novel as ‘more Pullman than Potter but not at all like either.’ She adds: ‘And you will not find any dwarfs, elves or hobbits. No epic battles or searches for lost gold. And definitely no muggles.’


Irene will be signing copies of the book and talking to customers at Waterstones Bookshop on Guildford High Street from 10.30-4.00 on Sunday 13th November.

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