The Moon's Complexion - Darshan - Noontide Owls

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The Moon's Complexion

A romantic thriller set in India.

Bangalore, India 1991. Ashok Rao, a young doctor has returned home from England to choose a bride.

Who is the intriguing Englishwoman who has sought him out? Why is she afraid?

What is the mystery of their intertwining past?

The lives of two strangers are turned upside down when they meet and the past comes to haunt them. It is a tale of love across a cultural and religious divide, of misunderstanding, moral cowardice and mistrust, of the questioning of certainties. It is also a tale of courage, determination, regret and hope against a background at times of horror and great danger, at times of harmony or humour.

THE MOON'S COMPLEXION is available for online purchase from this website. It can also be purchased from Goldenford Publishers

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Darshan: a journey

A young woman staggers through a morass of unsuitable relationships, involving betrayal, danger and heartbreak, in order to find her cultural identity. Her journey takes her from India to Britain to America and back to India.

Is she Sara or Saraswathi? Is she destined to live her life on the fringes of the communities where she grew up? Or will she finally come to terms with who she is?

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Noontide Owls

A young Adult Fantasy Novel

Publication Date September 2011

The conquering forces of Shoog the Awesome have left the City after fifty years.
Its inhabitants - Anvil People, Scribes, Timekeepers and Harbour Folk - are free again.

Will they join together to rebuild their devastated City?

Or will their liberty cause darker forces to leach out?

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