Non-Fiction (Publication date: 26 March 2018)

DIVINE PALACES OF SOUTH INDIA Volume 1: A guide to understanding the Hindu temple


The first of two illustrated volumes, this book is an introduction for students, tourists and anyone else who would like to gain some understanding of the Hindu temple and Hinduism.  The reader is taken on a journey through the extraordinary temples of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, thereby gaining insight into their architecture and purpose, and acquiring familiarity with the culture of Hindu India. Contains some 100 illustrations and black and white photographs.



IF ONLY I COULD HAVE NEWS FROM YOU (Published on 12th September 2016)

Two refugees of the Nazi era share their extraordinary lives through letters and documents

  • Concerns a dangerous intermarriage in Nazi Germany and a last minute escape to Britain with over 100 rescued Jewish boys 
  • Graphically highlights the struggles of refugees trying to make new lives in Britain and the fate and courage of those trapped in wartime Germany
  • Exceptional first-hand testaments from two refugees and victims of Nazi persecution in the form of letters, diaries and other documents
  • 82 photographs including rare original documents







100 adventures in online selling

Have you ever seen a Chinese silk iron? Or a Native American wedding vase?

A wheeled brass dragon-fowl?

Laugh, weep and be amazed, as Irene Black's photographs, descriptions and hilarious comments

guide you through a hundred of her weird and wonderful eBay auction sales,

some lucrative, some beautiful, others educational, most simply fun.

Sit back and enjoy - but don't expect to make your fortune by reading this book.

Though you never know…

ISBN: 13- 978-0-9531613-6-2
Paperback: 106 pages
£1.50 + POSTAGE

'A fun read and gives a whole new perspective on the profit to be made in the online shopping world, so be sure not to miss out!'
Anne Brooke, author of A Dangerous Man

'Amusingly written and could inspire you to use Ebay. This would make an ideal present for someone who has just got into online buying and selling.'
Jill Weekes, Amazon Review