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(April 12, 2012)

A Brief History of the Haggis (Short Story)]] is on FREE Promotion on Amazon Kindle all day TODAY, 12th April.

So you thought the haggis was Scottish, eh? Well, think again. This brief history charts the journey of Scotland's national treasure from its origins in...err...well that would be telling... Prepare yourself for an eye-watering romp through history and discover the TRUTH BEHIND THE HAGGIS!

 Please, kind readers, if you enjoyed this, take a moment to give me a short review. And I hope it inspires you to look at my other short stories and my novels:

Noontide Owls  A Crossover Fantasy (also available as a paperback)

 The Moon's Complexion  Set in Surrey, India and Sri Lanka. A romantic thriller (also available as a paperback)

Darshan: a Journey Set mainly in Oxford and India: A young Indian girl searches for her past - and for love.(also available as a paperback)

 And please, if you have read and enjoyed my novels already, an Amazon review would be so much appreciated. Thanks xx.

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